About Us

About Us

WAX 110 (pronounced WAX ONE TEN) was started by Nathan Jones in 2014, Originally named Weekend Warrior Wax.

Nathan was gifted a "home-brew wax" kit. Wanting more from the wax, Nathan decided to do a bit of research buy some basic raw waxes and ingredients. After a lot of failed attempts and wasted wax, Nathan was happy enough with a blend to send to friends. ​Receiving feedback like, "I would pay for a large pot" and "you should sell this" Nathan decided on the Weekend Warrior Wax name. ​

After a successful few months, Nathan decided a more professional name was required, so WAX 110 was born. ​WAX 110's goal is to provide a quality home brew wax product that not only performs but also looks stunning as well. All of our waxes are blended and hand poured into stunning 200ml coloured glass pots.

WAX 110 also offer a custom wax service. The customer chooses a wax from our current range. The customer then gets to chose certain options like pot colour, base wax colour, swirl colour and scent. ​

Nathan also has a passion for engineering. Actively working for a leading aeroplane engine manufacturer, Nathan has used his engineering knowledge and experience to create some one off wooden wax containers. These are all one off items, each one using different combinations of woods, plastics and other materials to create a unique look.

Please see our updates section for more info on our recent designs.