**NOW SOLD*** Here is our latest project for a wax container... ​A segmented maple and black walnut pot made from 25 pieces glued in a chequer pattern to create this unique look.

After at least 24hours for the glue to set, we load the blank between centres on the lathe and machine it down to a round blank. 

Once the blank is round, I can then start machining the pot features. The lip and groove to hold the seal for the lid and start boring out the cavity to hold wax.

Then on to creating some decorative features on the outside of the pot...

Once the machining is completed, it’s on to finishing. Sand paper from 60 grit through 15 stages to 12,000 grit and then finished with danish oil or a wax. 

And that’s the pot complete 

Filling with wax to the customers spec of blue base wax, with white swirl and put in a display case... 

I hope you have enjoyed this this blog post for one of my pots. Please keep an eye out for future posts.